『 DRAMAtical Murder 』

"But then, when I get the occasional human customer, right here, my pulse races. It’s hard to explain, but it’s…enjoyable.”


there's a limit to the lives I can care about...and that was decided six years ago. 


Hayao Miyazaki Meme → [2/2] quotes by Hayao Miyazaki

"I’d like more of the world go back to being wild."

momotarou being a dork.

Makoto Tachibana || F R E E !

N i n e / ナイン

Accept the ghoul inside of me…? No that’s not it. I am a ghoul.

get to know me meme: male characters [2/5]

Don’t ever get in Rin’s way again.”


Homra’s Vanguard: Yata Misaki • 八田美咲

happy birthday Yata! [07/20]

I wanna share something.

Maybe I should share a PSD or create a tutorial or something?

I can’t color Noya

he is uncolorable for me :D